Of A Girl and Her Stories – Exhibition

This project of mine, was exhibited successfully in CeC n CaC 08

www.theaea.org/cec_cac/ceccac08/index.ht m#Exhib

It is an emotional journey, my experiments with the same photograph, creating different moods, narrating different stories..

It started with this image,
Should I?

that I thought of various possibilities with what the story can be. Hence I started
with manipulating a single image, with different circumstances in mind. This has
come out to be an interesting series,
And yes, the poems are all mine!

..Of a girl.. and her stories..

For You

For you..

From the garden of time,
I brought you a fl ower,
and a breeze of happiness,
and a joyful shower,
From the garden of time,
I picked a moment for you,
You can keep it forever,
and ever with you..

I Could Not

I could not..

Wanted to knock at his door,
and say “Look what IGot!”..
but in the end..
I could not…

As the seasons go by..
I miss him a lot..
just wondering why..
I could not..

Miss You

Miss you

Lonesome and sad..
I’m feeling blue
Sometimes a tear drop..
sometimes two..

I miss you..

It’s Me

Its me..

The dew on the grass,the chill in the air..
n hiccups n sneezes,i know isn’t fair 🙂 ..
is all me!

The setting of sun,sweet dreams at night..
Charms o’ the clouds n gentle moon light..
is all me!

So now in the night,you hear a flutter of wings..
As you dream with a smile,a flower to you brings..
Its all me!

I am sorry

I am sorry...

As I stand in the rain,feeling the pain..
Wont give you a chance to say it again..
“you hurt me”, ” you hate me”..and things like these
will forgive me ..please?

All for You

All for you

I owe you my life..
I am so much in debt..
All I do,All I get,
you know that,I bet!
is for you…

And it broke..

..and..  it broke...

And then it shattered..
a crystal..
a dream..
a hope..

and It broke..
a promise..
a heart..
a bond of love..

Do You?

Do you?

Can you guess, what’s on my mind today..??
i can show you, if you want me to say..


Some moments never fade..
the dream castles made..
the warmth of a hand..
the names on the sand..
the exchange of a glance..
in the slightest of chance..
the things you admire..
some unsaid desire..
the very fi rst fl ower..
and a shared candy bar..
These are untold stories..
and unfaded Memories..





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