DIY- Miniature Book

DIY-Miniature Book


Printing Instructions

Cutting Guidelines


The strips need to be cut exactly at the edge, so that you don’t have to cut off extras while finishing the book in the end.
I therefore suggest using a cutter and not scissors..
But then it depends on you how you want to do it , or what you are better at..


Folding is easy, but again you have to be very careful to mark the crease..
It needs to sharp and precise.

Then we need to put these zigzags in the order.


Just hold everything together in the order and clip it with a Paper Clip.
This is important because, now the little pieces of paper won’t move
and Binding becomes Easy..



Clip off excess of the margin.
Apply glue in between the extra margin.
and then Make a sharp crease with your nails..
Now it can be supported by an extra piece of paper of cloth, as per your wish.

A little clean up is essential after the binding..Finishing


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