Photography: How do you create dreamlike, hyper-real images such as Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones? Gear + lighting rig manipula…

Answer by Ruchira Bhawnani:

Let’s get started.

Post-Production Tips here.. 🙂

This tutorial is assuming you know basic Photoshop
Lets try and achieve something like this

or something like this

This is the image that I am starting with, its a stock photo that I purchased, Here the background is white, but you can choose any color.

Here I have masked the image so that the actual model can be separated from the background

Now that we have the masking done, lets copy these layers so that the originals are with us while we make the edits.
We have a white background, and a model layer to get started with the real editing

Duplicate the model layer and apply a motion blur with your chosen settings

Change the order of the layers keeping the segregated model layer on top of the motion blurred layer.
Change the mode of the model layer to “color burn”.
You can stop here or go on.

Applying a hue-saturation over the blurred layer can give you something like this:

Adding some gradient background can add a little magic to it

Added the model layer again this time as “normal” with 25% opacity on top of all the layers , in this case it is giving some more form to the model.

Playing further more with “Hue/Saturation” gave me something which was more pleasant to look at.

I had further reduced the opacity of the gradient background layer, as the more I looked at it, the more unnatural it looked.

I hope that helps you get some ideas around how to play with the images to achieve what you desire.

Here is another variation for you..

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