What are some funny Hindi translations of English movie titles?

Answer by Ruchira Bhawnani:

Pulp Fiction
Pulp = Gooda
Fiction = Kaalpanik

Forrest Gump
Forest = Jungle
Gumption = Sahajbuddhi

Groundhog Day
Hog=Varah ( pig)
Day= Divas

Before Sunrise
Early morning time when the sun has not risen is called “Brahmamuhurta”

How to train your dragon
Dragon= Agnimukh Sapaksh Sarp
training= Prashikshan

Monsters Inc.
Monster= Viroop Daanav
Incorporated= Nigamit

Slumdog Millionaire
Slum= Jhuggi Basti
Dog= Shwan
Millionaire= Karodpati

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This is merely a fun work of art, appreciate it for the wit and art.

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